About Us

Vclass as an educational company is founded to connect lecturers who are experts in their field to learners and students for a better exam preparation and knowledge connection. We believe that support from expert, educational material and the community of learners can boost productivity which can lead to a better concentration and result.

Thus, the right knowledge can give you the right result from VClass expert knowledge connection.

Our vision is to “is to be a global reputable e-learning platform where education is made easy through education technology.”

VClass’s mission is to “leverage education technology through an interactive e-learning platform to bring knowledge to those who seek one and thereby change our society for the better.”

VClass’s Business model is dual-sided, with two interdependent customer segments that are both needed in order to operate: Tutors – the tutors: who are ready to share their knowledge they garnered over years of education and experience and students: who are willing to acquire necessary knowledge for the betterment of themselves, families and the society at large.

Pillar of Core values

Customer value proposition
Vclass has two value propositions – one for our distinguished tutors and one for our esteemed students. For tutors: “we offer an e-learning platform with the best user friendly features where tutors can dispense their knowledge and receive benefits.” For students: “we offer an avenue for flexible online learning with the best tutors in the industry in the most convenient manner they can ever imagine to prepare them for their exams at an affordable price.”